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prostate complex

¿Why Prostate Complex? 

It is important to know that in men, PROSTATE COMPLEX promotes normal urine flow and prostate function, while promoting tissue integrity.

¿Why was PROSTATE COMPLEX created?

During a time when life expectancies keep rising, we are all very lucky to be alive, but the longer we live, the more health problems we have. And if you're a male and you are in your 40s or beyond, you're likely to have an enlarged prostate. You have a 50/50 chance of developing an enlarged prostate by the time you reach your 50s. And you're probably learning that urination is something you really have to think about now and strive to make it routine.

That's why we developed PROSTATE COMPLEX without the side effects of pharmaceuticals to help you get your urinary flow back to normal. To promote normal prostate function, we use natural ingredients and help keep the tissues around the prostate healthy.

Common supplement results

The effects of PROSTATE COMPLEX are usually noticeable after taking it for 1-2 months, although some people will notice a significant difference within 1-2 weeks. Most people experience an increase in the volume and speed of urine flow, finding that they don't have to get up to urinate as much at night. *

We are all different and results may vary from one individual to another. To see the best results, the trick is to maintain consistent use every day. *

¿What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto or sabal has been widely advertised as one of the best remedies for treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and its extract is part of numerous herbal products intended to treat such ailment, but it is by no means minus the only therapeutic indication attributed to it.


Saw Palmetto

  • Shows a remarkable diuretic and antiseptic action
  • improves DHT levels, responsible for hair loss in men
  • relieves some of the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasiahair.
  • stimulates the appetite and promotes placid digestion.

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A promotes healing and smoothness of our skin
  • always keeps the skin smooth, fresh and moist.
  • help maintain healthy skin and aid natural tanning.
  • works against the most visible effect of aging, the dreaded wrinkles.

¿What are The Benefits of Prostate Complex?

  • Favors the Bladder

It shows a remarkable diuretic and antiseptic action. It strengthens the muscles of the bladder and promotes the elimination of toxins through the urine. It is intended to treat bladder infection or cystitis.

  • relieves symptoms of hyperplasia

Saw palmetto has traditionally been indicated to relieve some of the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia or an enlarged prostate, such as the need to urinate frequently, nocturia, or night urination.

  • Helps strengthen the Scalp

Due to its activity at the hormonal level, probably normalizing the levels of DHT, responsible for hair loss in men, saw palmetto extracts have been indicated to combat premature alopecia and baldness in general.

Oliver Byrne

-I only wake up once a night and go to the bathroom normally like I did when I was younger.

Jacob Miller 

- I have used many supplements in the past, but this one has been by far the most effective. It took me a few days to kick in, but I have noticed a lot of improvement over the last month.

George Thomas 

- Last night was the first night in a long time that I slept through the night without going to the bathroom. I have been taking these for two weeks. This product was recommended to me by a friend, and he said that it could help, maybe not. Well, it did!

Connor Wilson 

- I tried various saw palmettos and finally found the one that works for me. I am in the middle of my first bottle and this is the first time in a long time that I have been able to sleep most of the night.

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