Celebrating 20 Years of Success

Manufacturing expertise 

You shouldn't have to think about where or how your supplements are made. The best nutritionists and scientists in the industry formulate Amazonian Elements supplements and manufacture them in a world-class facility right here in the US. 

A new $50 million addiction portion of our manufacturing facility has the newest encapsulation and processing innovations in the industry.

The Best Vitamin Supplements are in Amazonian Elements

Our vitamin supplements are prepared and packaged in accordance with Biosafety regulations

The Amazonian Elements Test

When it comes to your wellness, just getting the FDA's approval isn't enough for Amazonian Elements. That's why we created The AE Test: Our 6-step process to ensure that we only make pure, potent, and effective products. Our product design process takes inputs from health care professionals, third-party tests, and from you.

How much of it is the right amount?

All of our ingredients are at a potency that are at a clinically effective dose. This means it has gone through extensive clinical trials by healthcare professionals to determine how much of an ingredient you can safely take to have the desired effect. If it doesn’t work, we don’t sell it. If you don’t need it, it’s not in our products.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Putting the right vitamins and minerals into your body starts at sourcing and manufacturing. BioSchwartz makes sure that our ingredient suppliers and manufacturers meet the highest standards. In addition to site visits, background checks, and complying with the standards of the FDA and FTC, we require every supplier we work with to also undergo annual audits by one or more third-party companies.

Who’s looking out for me?
Amazonian Elements is. Testing and monitoring our products doesn’t stop at the shelf–we’re always making sure our ingredients, our manufacturers, and ourselves meet the high standards of the AE Test. Our highly educated Customer Service Department is always on the lookout to hear from you whether it be to answer questions on a product or help you find the right vitamins and supplements to meet your needs. We also put all of our claims and ingredients on our labels to make sure you can make confident, healthy decisions.

Formulated for results

We are an innovative diet company focused on people who believe that happiness and well-being go hand in hand. Our aim is to help you meet your health objectives while enjoying your daily supplements. 

The Amazonian Elements expert formulators are not advertisers based on industry fads or one-up competition. Our product development team is composed of top nutritionists and veterans of the industry whose primary goal is to formulate the best possible supplements. 

Amazonian Elements supplements integrate the current scientific research with science-based ingredients and not only have the optimum amount of active ingredients, each product is co-formulated with nutrients and bio-enhancers that provide vital help, so the body can easily absorb and use the active ingredients.


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